Night time fussiness EBF

My little girl is 5 weeks old today and EBF. During the day she can feed from anywhere between an hour and 2.5 hours and will settle in her moses basket usually between feeds and sleeps well. Night time is a different story! Her sleep time between feeds is getting shorter and shorter and after a feed she will just not settle back down in her moses basket or lie down at all! I know they don't know day from night yet but this is a constant pattern and I'm exhausted 🙈 anyone know why this is or have any tips?!
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I’m the same but opposite. My baby won’t go down in the day and fine in the night. In the night here she has a bath the same time every night and then I take her up to our room where it’s dark with the pink light on and pink noise and I feed her in there, that settles her and gets her sleepy. Also in the night, I don’t interact with her at all. Whereas in the day when I’m changing her nappy etc I’ll sing to her or talk. I keep everything through the night quite, I don’t interact at all as that makes her more alert. I change her nappy before a feed (sorry if thats obvious as I know a lot of people know that already) Finally, I put a hot water bottle in the next to me/Moses basket while I’m feeding her, I take it out before I put her in so it’s nice and toasty and she doesn’t get woken up by the change in temp from my body to her mattress. I hope some of them help. Xx

In the same boat been trying to get her to sleep since 10pm but the moment she sleeps off she wakes up when I lay her down just 5 min😩 I m getting overwhelmed already

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