Hi mommies to be for a second time. Can you please share how your experience was the second go round? I feel like it’s been night and day for me. Never really went through much with my first. However, I’m feeling everything now but horrible nausea that I’ve lost weight to mood swings, which are scary because I don’t know how to handle them (irritation). I hope one of you went through something similar the first trimester and it got better. That’s all I can hope for ☹️😣
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Hello momma🤍 the first trimester is the worst! I had the same was super irritable , extremely moody and emotional, I would snap at my husband for the silliest things. I don’t know how my poor husband tolerated that lol but now I’m in my second trimester and I feel so different! My nausea went away, food tastes better, I feel so happy most days no more mood swings even with pregnancy fatigue and some other health issues I may have. This is my second pregnancy, and it was the same with my first too. You’ll get through it🙏🤍

Thank you, Nada. Yeah, I feel horrible and I’ve been crying for like a half hour now because I feel like I’m being so mean to them. I also don’t want my toddler seeing my boohoo crying. I am so happy but I think I’m crying because I am being mean to him TODAY. It’s only today 😂 I’m 12 weeks along so I hope it gets better soon! Thank you for your response. I’m glad it’s a lot better for you 🤍

Hello now 24 weeks with our second and the pregnancies couldn't have been any more different. With my first I had no symptoms at all. With this one I've had bad sickness pretty much throughout, very irritable, my breasts absolutely kill. I'm carrying completely different and we are having a girl same as last time so the different symp doesn't mean anything 😅

Hi Abi! Congrats. We yet don’t know what we are having but I have a gut feeling it’s another girl despite the different symptoms. I’m learning the hard way not all pregnancies are the same and this one really sucks. Especially because I’m learning to manage the mood swings as they throw me off never experiencing them before. Thanks for your response!

No I'm the same with mood swings and one minute I'm playing with my daughter the next I don't want her near me which sounds absolutely awful but it's like all of me just needs to have a moment on my own to breath i think a lot is the tiredness as well

I couldn’t agree with you more— has to be the exhaustion we’re going through. I hope we get through this fairly quick

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