No swaddle cold turkey hellllppppp

Oh my goodness we are on the struggle bus today, my little is officially rolling and I had to stop the swaddle cold turkey, I was transitioning him out slowly and just loosing wrapping him in the muslin but now it freaks me out, the problem isn't when he is in the crib it's getting him into the crib without his arms wrapped no matter how asleep he is he startles himself when I place him in the crib and won't settle back down, any advice??
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Try a sleep sack maybe. My daughter is kinda rolling and sleeps fine in a sleep sack

The Merlin sleepsuit is super helpful for transitioning. Their arms are technically free but the padding keeps them pretty well contained. It saved us while we transitioned to a sleep sack.

If baby is rolling don’t put in merlin. You are suppose to transition out of merlin when they start rolling plus when you have to transition out of the merlin it’s like starting from scratch and so hard… again

I swear by dreamland sleep sack! You can try Facebook marketplace to get it cheaper second hand

@Emilie did your baby adjust easily to it? Mine hates when I put him in it an tries kicking his legs and gets frustrated and starts fussing and crying

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