I’m 35+5 weeks and was due to be induced on the 20th but got told today that it would be better to get induced next week. I had a look at the different types of induction processes and Misoprostol (the tablet you swallow every 2 hours) was standing out to me. Just wanted to know if anyone has had any positive experiences with Misoprostol? 🤍
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Idk anyone who has had a good experience with being induced

I had the pessaries, then they tried the balloon procedure which they inserted incorrectly so pulled out, i think this jolted my cervix and i was 2 or 3 cm dilated so then they put me on the drip and i had an epidural so didnt feel many contractions. Birth was painfree, felt mild contractions. Yes being induced was long for me, it took 5 nights being induced, 1 night in labour suite and 1 night stay after birth BUT i had little to no pain through the whole process. Ive read lots of stories where peoples inductions have been super swift hun. Do all you can to prep your body and get baby engaged before youre induced to help speed things up. If baby is ready it will be a quick 1 x Mine was dropped on me at my 38w scan that they will induce me NOW hence not prepared as i thought i had 2 more weeks

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