My baby is 5 months old and hardly sleeps. During the day he sleeps maybe an hour and a half total. At night the dude is up every hour atleast. We have a routine for him and he goes to ‘sleep’ at the same time every night. I understand there is a 4 month regression but this has been going on for months. Mommas tired
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Know if he’s teething, yet, too? My little guy went through that, too. It’s almost every regression that he wakes up multiple times throughout the night and also are you breastfeeding?

@De he is teething! Forgot to add that. We give him what we can. Like frozen teething toys, oragel.

How is he when he's asleep? Is he settled/seem comfortable? How does he feed? All things to consider that feed into sleep. As well as environment. A lot of things to consider. Sorry you're feeling so tired x

@De not breastfeeding. Always been formula.

@Rachael he seems very comfortable. He eats on and off throughout the night. He eats an ounce or two then falls asleep and it’s on repeat. We’ve tried keeping him up to finish a bottle and he just isn’t having it

@Elizabeth had to do the same for my little guy but it hasn’t been helping much :/ so I give him frozen fruit in a silicone feeder and he loves it. Also read that teething can really mess up with their sleep :(

@Elizabeth I would say it's well worth a full oral assessment by a qualified tongue tie practitioner. Sounds like he may struggle to maintain a good latch on the bottle to feed effectively and/or tires easily (hence the short feeds) because of oral dysfunction. Absolutely worth exploring x

At nap time play on YouTube happy sleep everything even to bed get him used to thinking that’s the bed time song an you need to have a sleep routine in the day too maybe try 10am an 1-2pm won’t be exact but

My son is going through a sleep regression now especially during learning leaps and teething. I have no tips just sending emotional support to you!

Do you follow wake windows? I start the time as soon as my LO wakes up. MYbe try a white noise machine for night time I found that helped my son

My daughter did the same thing. She would sleep about 1 hour then wake up again to eat. She sleeps on her stomach now and will sleep much longer (4-5 hours).

Is he breastfed?

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