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My little one soon turns one. What toys would you recommend? I was thinking of getting him trike. What are your experiences? Did your baby enjoy it?
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Yeah a trike is a good idea. We didn’t go that path but he has one at my parents house and loves it. My LO loved to push so we asked for a nice push wagon, he got a balance bike, a mini micro scooter with a seat and a learning tower as the big things. At 15 months he’s just starting to love the mini micro scooter, he’s interested in the bike but still too short for it. But his birthday is 2 days after Christmas so I asked for things that I thought he would enjoy at 18 months.

We didn't get a trike but a walker bike. Basically the same thing but smaller and I think easier to move around. She loves it and it took her almost no time to learn how to get off and on all by herself. Only downside is you do need to wait until they can reach the floor as there's no pedals to push it forward. Anything they can push is great. We just got a mini shopping cart and she's been wheeling it around with a toy or her little treasures of the day. Another favorite are random boxes to climb (it's your next milestone coming up 🙃) so I'm thinking of getting her a play couch to be able to do that exploration a little more safely. Sorters, blocks, cause and effect toys will be great for development as well as thinking about scribbling and drawing. Egg shaped crayons are good for scribbles and for mess free coloring you can look into Crayola color wonder or Melissa and Doug water wow.

My LO loves household items like cardboard boxes, plastic bottles, pots and pans, spoons, books, etc. Anything other than his toys. So we stopped buying him toys. We go to library regularly for baby time and toddler time. We go to the park. We make him run and walk around the house.

We did a ball pit for our little guy and he LOVES it! We also have a bunch of Little People toys.

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