Newton-Wellesley Hospital?

My OB gave me a couple of different hospitals they can deliver at, and the one that I liked the most was Newton-Wellesley because they have a midwife program and I already know one of the midwives and really like her. But… I haven’t heard anyone talk about it. Did you deliver there? And if so, how was your experience? Thank you in advance!!
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I’m not sure if it helps, but when I lived in Waltham in 2022, I had a later miscarriage and they were so kind and caring and compassionate throughout the process

I delivered at Newton Wellesley in September and they were amazing! I had a midwife deliver my baby and she was great! The nurses are all amazing as well! Feel free to message me with any questions!

I’ll be delivering at Newton Wellesley within the upcoming month! There’s a free virtual labor/delivery ward tour tomorrow night as well through their childbirth education program that might be of interest of you

Me and my sister were both delivered there and my mom still talks about how great they were!

I’ve delivered twice there. NWH is the best! I picked NWH over many closer hospitals to my house bc of my OB and the care that hospital provides. Definitely recommend.

I changed my hospital to NWH at 32weeks cause the previous hospital didn’t have good reviews! It was the best decision I made cause they were so caring of both me and my lil one. I’d definitely recommend NWH.

@Claire I’ll look it up. Thank you!!

Thank you everyone! First time mom over here and kinda new to the area too, so everything is new and unknown ☺️

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