Pls help with the quantity of solids 🙏

Hi All, Mom of a really fussy 8 month old here. Started solids at 6 months with puree and some BLW here and there. Bub is formula fed and drinks 120ml every 3-3.5 hrs. She is extremely fussy. Does not sit in high chair and mostly swings her face away from thr spoon. Mouth tightly shut when spoon approaches. Will only eat if i carry her around and distract her. Bub will only eat 2-3 spoons of puree each time. I can't quantify finger foods because half she eats and half she throws away. What is the appropriate amount of food for her age? Google says half a cup of soft cup 3 times a day. But she does not even have half a cup all through the day. I dont want to force feed her. Pls guide.
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I’m definitely no expert 😅 but I do have a 16 month old and we did the BLW too and we just follow her if she says she’s eaten enough etc - obviously so long as bubba is still having feeds etc and is gaining weight and is healthy then that was the main thing for us! Sometimes she’d eat lots and sometimes she’d eat not much at all but if she didn’t eat too much we’d offer it again to her a little bit after and made sure there was enough time after her feed so as she was actually hungry for food. @Dr_Kyla on Instagram is really good! Highly recommend following her and having a look at her things and also Solid Starts has great info as well. It’s hard not to worry they’re getting enough so it’s completely normal to be worried!! My little one went through phases of eating lots and then not eating so much too.

My doc said the whole point of food before about 12 months is to get a feel of it, move it around their mouth etc. If they don't eat it, it doesn't matter. A lot of their nutrition is still from the breastmilk / formula. I can't remember what age I started offering food before milk, but my bub ate a lot more solids then. He is now 14 months.

My baby is 8 months and she has at least one meal a day (which is usually 1-2tblsp) and sometimes 2 or 3 meals if I can fit it in. From what I’ve read it’s important to prioritise bottles over solids, because breastmilk and formula are complete with the nutrients they need. Some people say that until 12 months old food is for fun. That is, don’t stress about it. Take the opportunity to explore new foods together and establish meal times together. I’m not worried about quantities, just about what sort of foods she’s eating.

I wouldn't stress too much at this stage, my boy was the same. He seemed to eat more around 9 months, and then went back down again, then back up. It peaks and troughs. Your job is to offer the food, its the baby's job to decide how much they will eat xx

Agree with all the others. 8 months is very much just getting used to taste and texture, milk is still their main source of food while they get used to food and build their chewing skills and hand eye coordination. I wouldn’t worry about quantity, if Bub doesn’t want food then don’t force it. Otherwise it’s creating a negative eating experience. My daughter was the same, would only ever eat 2-3 spoonfuls of puree. She never liked being spoon fed so I switched from mixed BLW and spoon feeding to purely BLW. Putting food infront of her and letting her pick up and taste what she wanted. It’s not about quantity it’s just still introducing them to food. They don’t start having proper meals for a while. Also, are you offering solids too close to milk time, from memory I tried to space it out so she wasn’t full and less likely to want to eat. I followed Solid Starts on Insta. They have really good food guides

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