I having haven’t had a drink or smoked since I found out I was pregnant I stoped cold turkey. I’m currently 30 weeks and I’m really feinin for some weed but I don’t wanna harm my babies not to mention post pregnancy it helped with my anxiety and it has been much worse since not being able to have that and i just want to get away from reality. I don’t know what i should do it’s mixed studies on it.
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Hey boo! I smoked through most of my pregnancy, and it’s pretty safe, the only thing I’d say to worry about are the laws in your state ! Some doctors will call CPS just bc you’re so far along and it takes a minute for it to get out of your system. A stopped a few weeks ago and I’m 28 weeks now. But it did help with my nausea, pain, and sleep and my doctor actually recommended it to a certain degree! I hope that helps and if you need anything, don’t hesitate to DM me ! ❤️

Definitely don't smoke. I would suggest talking to a therapist to get to the root of your anxiety because using weed is like putting a bandaid on the real issue.

@Adaesia how do you know it’s safe if your baby is not born yet?

@🧿🤰🏾🥰 I have done a lot of research, like TONS. I also know plenty of mothers who have done it as well to help with things like nausea and pain. Even sleep. There’s even been cases of pregnant people who smoke their entire pregnancy and their baby comes out drug free because of the amount, how often, and the use of nicotine being omitted as well. I’ve also gotten multiple recommendations from different doctors, as I’ve relocated during this pregnancy. It is my first kid, yes, but I for one was also smoked with during my entire life in my moms belly, and I graduated with magma cum laude as well. In fact, weed was used medicinally in many cultures while pregnant, including within the Native American tribes. It has only been seen as very bad within the last century, with the last 30 years taking precedence. I recommend every women do more research than what the first or second page of Google will allow you to see. Thank you for asking!

@Sarah been to two already they don’t work it’s more me talking and wanting to put me on medicines that makes it worse or makes me go to sleep which doesn’t help either.

People use to think smoking cigarettes was okay during pregnancy and now we know it's not. Even though babies are born okay (My dad was one of them), it wasn't until YEARS later that they were able to gain more research and evidence of the affects. When I asked my midwife about taking CBD, she pointed that out and said there really hasn't been sufficient studies done and not for very long so don't risk it.

Your baby is more important.. Obviously it’s easier said than done but i’d wait it out. Try to find something else to focus on when you get the craving. I wouldn’t risk harming your baby in any way!

Well done for making it to 30 weeks without drinking or smoking, I can imagine how hard that’s been if it was a habit before. You’ve got 10 weeks to go 💪 you’ve got this, it will feel like such an achievement at the end of it! I know it sounds lame but maybe writing down your anxieties for now might help you process them. I’ve found pregnancy can make you feel anxious one day, and great the next so sometimes you can sit with the anxiety until it passes. It will pass 😘

@Nyiaa with you being so close to the finish line you should definitely try to keep going sober. You already got off cold turkey so doing that again would suck this far in pregnancy. But you know what's best for you and baby overall. And your mental state matters 100%. Keeping your mind busy will help! Good luck to you.

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