When does the roommate stage go away

I just want ask when does the roommate stage away it’s seem like we aren’t has closed like we use to and that we are both in two completely different paths ,we both still love each other’s and don’t want to separate but we have been arguing like crazy and I just want to put that yes I do have baby blue so it’s is a little hard to connect with other people except for my baby,
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Honestly it can be about a year. Part of it is because babies ruin your sleep which makes you grumpy. Anything you can do to get help from family or a babysitter, or spend time together in another room while baby is sleeping, can help.

Last weekend I went out to a nice dinner at the Bonefish Grill with my husband, and it was the first time we felt "normal" since having the baby. We even brought the baby along, just sat at a booth for 4 and kept her in her carseat. It was the first time I used the changing pad in the bathroom (I put my travel one on top of it) and it all felt so normal. The staff was also really accommodating and got some hot water for us to heat her bottle when she got hungry. It was all so nice. We're back to being flirty and even just cuddling like we used to. But yeah, when you're feeling up for it, try a date to rekindle things, even if you have to bring the baby.

We had such a nice time that we got appetizers, one alcoholic drink each, entrees, then coffee, and dessert to-go only because they were closing soon. We *missed* each other so much and hadn't even realized it.

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