How to teach toddlers to spit out after brushing teeth?

My baby who is 14 month is finally used to being brushed and trying to brush his teeth, but I’m having a hard time having him not swallow water when he takes it in after brushing teeth. Any tips? Also, is it ok if we haven’t rinsed every time after brushing teeth? We do it in his bed room and sometimes forget 🥹😅
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At my LO’s first dental appointment around first birthday, the dentist told me to only give him this much toothpaste (in photo below) And no rinse necessary because it’s not really possible lol. I think the rinsing part comes later. For now, let them swallow the toothpaste since you are only giving them the tiniest bit.

We still don’t even give them toothpaste. In the process of scheduling their appointment now to see the dentist. But when i want them to drink water they spit it out. So maybe try reverse psychology 😐

I use the dr browns safe to swallow tooth paste

We use flouride free toothpaste right now so I don’t worry about her swallowing since it’s the flouride that’s a neurotoxin

I worked for a pediatric dentist for years. You should be using a toothpaste with fluoride but only as much as a grain of rice. Whatever little but gets swallowed will be okay.

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