Do I feel really disspointed in myself. My anexcity has been really bad this week and tonight I was that tired I didn’t wake up till my little one till 10-15 mins in his cry. My partner said he heard him crying outside the house when he was about to walk the dog and thought that I would be awake to hear him from his nursery and realised when he came back he was still crying from his bedroom and also I had his monitor right next to my head. I feel so heartbroken that I should be the one to hear his first cries I wasn’t there for him and now I feel like I won’t be able to sleep now knowing that as I’m so worried I’m not gonna wake up to him. Do you think I need to go to doctors about this as this as it’s happened about 2-3 now since him being born. Personally I think it’s that I’m so tired, I don’t know when I had a nap in the last two weeks with him which I know that does helps but I feel so heart broken 😭
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Try when baby sleeps 💤 it helped me to have enough energy to hear kids wake up when they wer babies if that don't help I'd go c dr incase it ur iron levels etc

No you don’t need to go doctors. It happens to amazing mums like yourself all over the world so don’t make it bigger than it is in your head. Instead try and get your partner to step in and get some naps in the day

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