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My sister has started drama with us prior to us leaving to see her and the rest of my family interstate for my mums birthday. It has stressed us out so much to the point where the last thing I want to do is that huge drive being so mentally and emotionally drained and have to be around such toxic people but now I’m being called selfish and crazy for wanting to stay home and not seeing my mum on her birthday. Apparently my mums really upset. I’m upset too because I was really looking forward to it and so we’re the kids but I feel so sick to my stomach when I think about seeing them. Should I be the bigger person or stay the hell away? If we don’t go I’ll probably never see my family ever again but I can’t bring myself to get in the car and go.
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If you want someone’s opinion, I say go. I don’t know the story, but you can’t let the drama between you & your sister dictate the relationship you have w the rest of your family. They didn’t do anything to deserve that (as far as I know)

Also, if your kids have a relationship with your family, you’re also taking that away from them. If not for yourself, go for your kids.

I hear completely what you're saying Boundaries and caring for your own sanity is paramount I left my family for years to do my healing work then came back but I still need distance What I learned was I had to get past the trauma and that I was selfish to take everything personally It took time for me to see all that though If you need distance it should be respected and accepted but I also understand it's family and you can't get over your hurts (selfish but all healing is) .. it takes time to build in some hardass detachment Sorry that's all over but do what's best for you. Honour you

I don’t know, I probably wouldn’t go after feeling that way. Who’s calling you selfish and crazy?

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