Newborn metabolic screen

Has anyone here received a call from pediatrician regarding their baby’s newborn screen done in the hospital? We never got any word on it with my first but our second was born on 3/4 and our Ped office called today and left a msg stating we need to talk about her screening results and my stomach is literally in knots. Because usually no call means everything was normal. Im terrified of what it could be and now i have to go all night worrying about this until tomorrow’s AM when I can call them back. What could it be?!? Is all the stuff they test for fatal or really bad?? We are in Georgia (i think different states has differently requirements)
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Maybe they just need you to take her in for her appointment after the hospital? It’s routine to take them in about a week after they’re born.

She’s already been twice

There are to metabolic screens. Few days after birth and at 2 weeks. The first one very often comes as false positive.

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