Toddler mom rant !!

Whats with this never ending flu season. My daughter started nursery from January and she has been suffering from cold and fever every other week. The week she recovers , me or my partner gets sick. Its like every weekend one of us is sick. Today she has been vomiting whatever she eats, and its her 3rd day of fever. I feel so sad and heartbroken seeing her suffer and i feel so helpless . She is quite an active kid and to see her do dull and tired breaks my heart . My partner gets paranoid when he sees her sick, so i try to put a brave face. But i am always scared if i am doing something wrong or if she is not getting immunity because she is not getting proper nutrition. Does this get better with time. How do my fellow moms handle this.
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It’s normal unfortunately. Their immune system is brand new and going to catch every new virus it’s exposed to, to develop immunity to it. It’ll get better when flu season ends but the first year of nursery is normal for them to constantly get sick.

It’s so annoying but so normal. It does get better after they’ve been at nursery a while and their immunity builds. I think it was about a year with my son when it calmed down but there was a period where he was off nursery every week. I just did what I could for him (when he’s sick sometimes he only wants milk and refuses to eat, so I give him what he wants basically) and lots of cuddles but it didn’t upset me so because I know it’s just something he had to go through x

Every mum I speak to is exactly the same and everyone says it's normal. Never felt like garbage so much in my life, no idea what this feels like for my LO!

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