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Might be a dumb one. But what do you do if your 1 year old doesn’t like cows milk? I can’t afford the formula each month without help from the state but he refuses to drink the milk. Helppp
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I’ll say jus give water

Mine hated it too! I transitioned her by making formula and replacing one ounce with cows milk, then gradually increasing the cows milk and decreasing the formula every 3 days. It worked like a charm. She does however like her milk warm still. But that’s ok! I’ll take it! Some times she drinks it cold but most of the time warm.

@Kimberly did she drink her formula warm?

@Jessica yeah… we always warmed all her bottles, formula and breast milk.

@Denise that’s a relief. I’m just afraid he’s not going to be full enough or getting the nutrients he needs. So if he’s not drinking the milk liek he did the formula it’s not going to affect him hugely?

I would try warm almond milk, oatmilk. Try everything


Try oat milk

Id try other milks as well! My baby likes oat milk and cows milk.It could be the brand of cows milk because they do have different taste

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