Pressure from down under

The pressure today has been INSANE! im 33 weeks and everything down there HURTS. I cant take it 😫😭
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The absolute worst 😣

Yes, the pressure is so unreal! It's not what I'd consider pain, but it definitely can take my breath away. My cliterous had so much pressure last night that I couldn't get comfortable, and peeing wasn't relieving the pressure.

Certainly 35 weeks, and it feels the worst ever, especially when you have 14 month old who isn't walking yet

36 weeks and feel it most when I’m on my feet all day at work. Once I’m home and try to relax, I feel it most 🙃🥲

@Emily I work 10hour days and when I get home and try to relax my woman parts feel swollen

Girl same. Try a heating pad or a warm bath I’m 33 weeks also. When are you due?

I can relate for sure.. everything hurts forreal but especially from my waist down like in between my legs the muscles

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