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hi mamas my baby is 6weeks today❤️ what’s everyone doing about baby sleeping in the bassinet/crib… i’m trying to get my babygirl to stay in the bassinet and she absolutely hates it. she’s been sleeping in the bed with me & ik it’s grown upon on and i’m trying to break this habit. i’m a ftm & im having trouble 🥲
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My baby sleeps in both crib and bassinet. What I did was put in a soft blanket. And she sleeps good for me

Have You Tried Swaddling And Put In The Crib/Bassinet ?

My baby sleeps in bed with me to he’s 4 weeks he’ll only sleep in his bassinet if he eats real good I’m wondering if I should just let him cry it out for a few minutes and see if he’ll actually fell asleep by himself

My baby is four weeks and she sleeps in the bed with us or in get bassinet she only sleeps in her bassinet if she is in a cozy blanket

Same here..he's almost 6 weeks... he's sleeps on me or next to me... I'm trying to train him during the day, especially in the morning when he's less cranky and I have some energy to do it.. but it ain't easy! It's a continuous in and out sometimes! I don't see myself doing it during the night! Hopefully, he'll get used to it, and then I'll try to put him during the night as well!🤞 open to any other suggestions!

Ftm also my girl is almost 3 weeks and refuses to sleep in her bassinet. Her Dr ended up suggesting I buy a cosleeper to stick in bed with me just to be more safe. Some babies just aren't ready to be by themselves yet. If you're comfortable with her sleeping with you I say for you both to just get your rest. You can revisit individual sleep in a few weeks/months when she's more comfortable.💓

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