Boyfriend/Hubby away for majority of pregnancy

My boyfriend is a truck driver and has been on the road for majority of my pregnancy. After getting fired from my job he insisted I stay home so we currently only have one income. He’s been gone now for 2 months straight and I feel so alone but I also am trying to be understanding of the situation. Any ladies out there going through the same thing?
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My partner is a truck driver as well. Since I’ve been pregnant he hasn’t taken any over the road jobs so he’s only been driving locally. Even with that being said, I too still feel alone because he’s gone all day and by the time he gets home I’m ready to lay down , so I get it. I don’t work so I’m literally bored all day and it sucks

Same! It can definitely be difficult!

@Daj does he have his authority or is he a company driver? My guy is trying to find a company that allows more flexibility with his schedule before our little one arrives, I’m hoping he does

@Raquel he’s a company driver . They’ve asked him numerous times about over the road jobs but he’s been avoiding taking them.

@Jade yes very! I’ve struggled with it our entire relationship, being pregnant has just made it worse.

@Daj can I message you? I don’t want to pry but I need to get my man home more often lol and would like to ask you a few questions if you don’t mind

@Raquel of course !

So, my husband is not a truck driver, but he's a pilot and is typically gone for multiple days in a row per week. I have 2 other kids, and I'm 35 weeks pregnant. Yeah, it's rough, I'm having a hard time keeping my head above water and keeping it on right so I don't bite anyone's heads off. This pregnancy rage has been insane this time around.

My hubby is a truck/digger/bully driver for his job (dry mine) and is gone for work alot too, so I feel you, I'm pregnant with our second baby and we have an almost 3 year old. It's not easy as times, definitely feel like a solo parent sometimes. Being on one income is really hard especially with how cost of living is for everyone...

My husband has been in morocco the entire pregnancy and I probably won't see him until baby is about 3 months old it is hard

@Daj can’t you get out for a walk with the pram to break the day up a bit ? I find that helps me , I have a little dog and she likes coming with me and the pram

Yes, my husband's is working away from home for the same length of time. It's hard. I feel lonely, too. I just try to keep busy and do my own things. And before you know it he's back

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