Potty Training

Anyone else start potty training yet? Any tips?
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I started I guess "potty awareness" you can say. We got him a potty, we have books about the potty and he LOVES reading them, and he take him with us and talk about what's happening and diapers and what not while we go. He is very potty curious but not quite ready.

@Ashley I like that “potty awareness” lol. I think we’re at the same stage. My son is sitting on the potty and aware it’s there but we haven’t quite gotten to using it yet. We had a few accidents next to the potty 😅 I’ll definitely get him some potty books though, hadn’t thought about that. Thank you!

@Cecilia-Jean That’s awesome! He looks like a pro. How long ago did you start?

https://www.3daypottytraining.com/ I've know four people who tried the 3 day method and swear by it. But they all said it will be three days of hell and once you commit you can't go back. The book talks about looking for readiness signs. My son doesn't have enough signs to start but at least we know what to look for

No. Because I want him to be able to understand and know how to use utensils and feed himself by fork or spoon first. He has showed early signs but I know he still won't comprehend on when he knows he has to go potty to make it to the potty seat in time. He's taking his diaper off before a couple of times. When he poops he will grab diapers and or a pack of wipes and run to me with it to change him. But I have since put up the baby wipes and diapers because he grabs the whole thing of diapers and I'm having to go around the house to pick up clean diapers. And he likes to open baby wipes and get in to them to play with the.

My daughter is curious! She’s been trying to wipe herself during diaper changes and she squats when she poops. She’s also very curious when I’m on the toilet. But potty training hasn’t been at the forefront for me. We are still working on food right now 🙂

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