Are prenatals really needed??

I don’t want to call myself a crunchy mom but idk anything medically kinda just seems as a money grab?
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I feel like it really depends... I didn't take mine everyday my first pregnancy n haven't this time either (not intentionally just forgetting ect.) But!! It helps drastically by replacing some of the vitamins baby is taking from u at this time. And they say folic acid is good for baby brain/ development in the womb. HOWEVER all the vitamins in that bottle can be found in natural resources and be consumed by food! So do ur research n if possible get a test to tell you what vitamins your deficient in n go from there

Yes prenatal vitamins are incredibly important. I have seen so many women have babies who don't develop correctly because they didn't take prenatal vitamins. You can find organic or natural prenatals. Talk to your doctor about different options. But for the health of your baby, please take them.

Yes they're helpful. They have vegan prenatals.,helps%20prevent%20neural%20tube%20defects.

I think it depends on your diet and if you're making sure you are eating foods with enough nutrients. If you eat liver often you definitely should be good with no prenatals. Also if you do want to supplement something that's not a whole prenatal you should do folate not folic acid

Seamoss is what I used When I didn’t have any

Yes, very important. Especially folic acid. Helps develop the spine.

No you can grow your baby perfectly fine without prenatals they do help you replenish anything the baby takes from you but you can get folic acid from foods I don't take them

I agree with Holly's comment. Depends on your diet, and also take folate not folate acid. Prenatals help you more than anything cause baby is going to take what baby needs from your body. I didn't take prenatals for most of my last pregnancy and wasn't getting enough calcium in my diet and I definitely felt the affects on my bones, especially my teeth!! This time, I've been focusing on my diet more and drinking a vitamin drink in place of a prenatal pill (cardio miracle), I notice a huge difference on the days I have it and it tastes yummy.

@Sarah Yes to this!! Obviously it’s different for everybody but a close friend of my moms, son was born disabled (his spine) because they didn’t have enough Folic acid throughout her pregnancy (she didn’t take prenatals). id personally take them for my baby.

As long as you have a healthy diet you should be getting everything you need. Folic acid is needed in first 12 weeks to help develop the brain and spine. Then your bloods will be tested for iron levels and if they are low then you’ll need supplements for that. The best way to get all the vits and nutrients is from food as it’s easily absorbed by your body but that’s difficult in pregnancy sometimes when all you want is beige processed food 😝😂 so it would do no harm to take them just in case

for my first baby i took my prenatals every dayyyyy!! but my other pregnancies after i didn’t take them at all and all my babies came out healthy and the birth was smoother! i think it all depends on your diet. i eat pretty healthy already so when i really looked into prenatals i didn’t see much a difference in them vs what i usually eat

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