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Anyone here do a dream feed? Experiences? Does baby fall back asleep easy? Stay asleep longer? SOS we need more sleep 🫠
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I bedshare do my baby is always dream feeding. Sometimes she will sit up cry for a second and lay back down. But she’s asleep for all of it.

My baby last bottle before bedtime is 7 and he goes to sleep by 8. If I don’t do a dream feed he gets up 2 times. I do it at 12 am right before I head to bed and he stays asleep till 6-7. My baby doesn’t wake up for this feed. I keep him in his sleep sack. He sleeps and eat so it pretty easy to feed, try to burp but most times he don’t and lay him back down and hear him snoring. He’s almost 4 months btw

Lol never knew it had a name, but I know do I am co-sleeping, but of course I tell the doctor I'm not😂, anyways my baby is a hungry lil thing he is eating all night it seems but he is sleeping the whole time and it gets me more sleep than if I didn't

Thanks ladies!!!

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