Enfamil - out of stock

My son is almost 10 months and he usually takes enfamil A+. I can't find this formula anywhere in my city anymore. I've tried to give him similac pro advance but he's been vomiting everyday, waking up crying and twisting, and has been pooping a lot. It's safe to assume this formula isn't agreeing with him. Does anyone have any recommendations of good formula to try? Even ones that are available online. My son doesn't have a milk protein allergy that I am aware of. Thanks!
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I have some of the ready to feeds but I’m in Ontario 😕 Kendamil is a good brand, maybe try that

@Erica thank you! I'll check kendamil out

Same problem with our LO so we switched to Kendamil, found it at Costco & Walmart

@Christa thank you!

Is there a significant difference between the regular kendamil and the probiotic one?

They are in stock in loblaws

And in fortinos!

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