Feeling nervous 😬

Little one is about 11 weeks old, and does not sleep through the night. My partner has to go back to night shift starting tonight. I’m feeling nervous and overwhelmed about doing this all on my own now with him working 12 hours then having to sleep during the day in order to go back to work.
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I was also nervous and overwhelmed by the thought of having to care for my baby on my own once my husband went back to work when she was about 8 weeks old. It’s understandable to be feeling this way! I hope your little one figures out their sleep, I don’t think my baby was sleeping through the night at that point yet either. But I just want to say, you have that mother’s instinct in you. It will kick in more and more and you will find your rhythm when caring for your little love. I know it’s daunting now, but once you get through a couple days, the days become weeks and the weeks become months and before you know it, you’ll have proven to yourself many times over that YOU CAN DO THIS! Just take it a day at a time, a moment at a time if you have to! I know I do :)

It's easier to lower your expectations than try to make your baby do something they don't want to do. So knowing you may not do all the laundry one day or wash all the dishes. Maybe a shower will be foregoed because a nap sounded better. Bring your partner into this as he may want to make comments about dinner not being ready or the place is a mess and you were home all day without understanding how draining it is 24/7 with little support. As long as both of you are still taken care of the house can wait. But if you can and are happy to, assign a task to your partner that he can do daily before he goes to work or after he comes home. So my husband has pretty much done every single bath time, bedtime massage and story time for our LG. That's his task and it allows me about 20 blissful minutes to be alone and really does help. Even when you're exhausted and sleep deprived those few minutes can feel absolutely wonderful.

Do you have any family members that can help you out Emily?

@Rebecca not truly. My sister is close but she has 7yr old twins of her own

I feel ya, Mama! I'm due in a few weeks, and though Dad will be home for 2 months, I'm terrified of what will happen when he goes back to work. We have 2 other kids, and he'll be gone for multiple days at a time. I don't have family near, and some friends may help, but that's most likely few and far between as they have their own lives and kids. I've been trying to convince him to hire some help, but he's worried about safety.

I feel ya. My situation is the other way around I work 12hr nights and my husband works days. I’m back at work now and my LO will not sleep during the day but will give long stretches at night. Don’t be nervous just do your best it will get better.

My 2 year old doesn’t sleep through the night and I’m a solo mum by choice so been on my own from day 1! It’s actually sometimes easier on your own, you’ll figure it out as you go

My 1 year old still doesn’t sleep through the night , and wakes 6 -7 times in the night and I’m back at work , I feel like there’s this expectation of babies needing to sleep through the night so early on when although it’s hard most children do now

I’m doing it all night and I hear what you’re saying . My mum will sometimes watch him for a few hours in the day so I can sleep but I never fully switch off . Bottle feeding at night as well as nappy changes takes its toll . My little one sleeps all day awake all night too .

Lianne its great how your mom will help you, mine has been helping me as well. 🙂

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