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Hi all! We're flying to Texas with our 8 month old in a couple weeks. I'm curious if anyone has any tips. Also if you traveled with a stroller and car seat how did you do it?
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Hi Devin! I’ve actually just travelled with my 8 month domestic and internationally. I decided to take my newt2grow stroller that is one piece and just gate checked it. It was very easy since my layovers were 4-6 hours. I just threw it in a stroller cover. I also definitely took a baby carrier since I made the trip solo! I also made sure she was sucking on her pacifier/bottle/breastfed during landing and take off for her ears. I packed all her essentials in a big clear ziplock so it was easy to find and pull!

following cuz i’m traveling with my baby in june and ive never been on a plane alone with a baby before and i have to bring her car seat, stroller, our suitcase and diaper bag

I got my Doona checked in at the gate and when we landed it was sitting outside the gate waiting for us! pretty easy. a tip is to bring lots of toys and possibly a tablet to keep them occupied. safe travels !

New toys they have never seen for maximum attention span. Snacks, nurse or bottle feed as often as they want. Baby wear for naps. Gate check stroller and car seat. Use a gate check bag for them. You can buy on Amazon. I got one with 4 wheels that fits toddler seats also so it will work longer and be easier to navigate the airport with. I’ve been on 6 or more trips with my baby already. It’s really not that bad. Pack extra shirt for you and clothes for baby in carry on. Check all your luggage and only carry on the diaper bag unless you have someone else with you to help. Take a light blanket because it can get chilly on the plane.

@Brandy is it free to gate check both a car seat and stroller, do i need to get the bag or can i go without

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