Pumping schedule?

Looking for advice on pumping. I exclusively breastfeed right now, and I wanted to try to get a bag of milk everyday but I can never seem to find the right time to do it, to get enough. I’ve only been getting around 3/4 ounces out of one and a few drops out of the other. When he feeds, he feeds long enough to put himself to sleep and then wakes up hungry again. Early on PP I went and saw a lactation consult and she said I never had to pump unless I wanted to have a stash or share bottles with dad, which is what I’m basically doing now. I just was hoping for some tips on what I should try. I have already tried pumping every 2/3 hours, and a power pump.
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I just got life changing advice … I put a haaka on the boob he’s not feeding off of during a feed, and it naturally fills without all of the annoying pumping. Maybe see if that works? I haven’t been consistent on when I do it. Ppl say production is better overnight or first thing in the morning but I’ve had just as much luck in the evening.

Oats, drink a beer body armor lotssss of water, protein, take hot showers and let the water run on ur boobs and loosen everything up and then pump, consistency in pumping, make sure ur pump flange is the right size, use nipple cream often, massage while and before pumping or feeding. These are all the things I do in a super over supplier (15oz per pump)

@Tiffiny definitely gonna try that

Are you using a lady bug? I get 4-10 oz a day just from that. No pumping required.

@Lisa-Marie same! From all the feeds I get about 3-4 oz in a 24 hour period. It helps a lot! I love my ladybug

I pump and nurse. The way I go about it is creating a pumping schedule but I replace some of the scheduled pumps with feedings and it works pretty well for me

Brewers Yeast. I mix it in my oatmeal every morning. My baby eats for about 15 mins each side and then I still get about10 oz in a pump at any given time of the day

I second using Ladybugs to passively collect let down (that would be lost!) at all feedings in a day and combine into one bottle. (Maybe 2+ days if needed). Once you have a bottle, pump while it is fed. Repeat until you get to the number of bottles you want

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