Night wakes

Anyone else’s child randomly waking for an hour during the night then falling back asleep?! Regression…again?!
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Mine wakes up every other night for 2-3 hours starting at between 1-3 am 😴

Yes the 18 month sleep regression is a toughie. My eldest would cry so for ease I’d end up in the spare room n bed with him, this time with my youngest he seems content to chst to himself and bang on the wall a bit then self settle after an hour. There’s a lot going on for them in this one as they’re walking/running, starting to learn words, becoming more independent which can also lead to fear of being left alone, large back teeth coming in and lots more.

Makes so much sense! It’s not even crying or anything just lying in her cot quite happy 😅 it’s just me tired from that broken sleep 😴

My 17 month old does this but I think it’s down to the fact her dad comes home at around midnight from work so she wakes up a bit before he comes home and then won’t settle straight away afterwards. So I’m not sure if it’s a regression or routine for us. 🤷🏼‍♀️ x

We’d just got my daughter into a decent routine with a early bedtime (8-9pm that’s early for us 🤪) and then last week she started waking around midnight for 2-3 hours and this week she’s been going to bed around midnight again 🫣 She never settles into a routine for long 🤣

We’ve been going through it for the last 6mths so got used to it.

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