Scheduled C-Section

Hey! So because i have a history of pelvic fractures im needing to have a scheduled C-section. My OB says it would need to be schedule a whole week or week and half before my due date. This is my first baby so im a little worried. Can anyone let me know if it’s normal to schedule it a week or week and half before?
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Completely normal I was suppose to be induced with my son a month before but he came earlier x

Delivering baby anytime after 37 weeks is safe & they’ll be healthy. I wouldn’t worry! I had my first at 38 weeks (c-section) due to my water breaking. She was perfect.

Babies are fine after 37 weeks but some ob I spoke to told me I might have my daughter at 36 and it’s still normal

I had mine at 39 weeks and 1 day for my first, it’s completely normal to schedule week before! My dr gave me a choice of week before or week after due date. Wanted her out so I did week before!

My first was a scheduled C-section due to me having a myomectomy a year before I got pregnant with her, so I had her at exactly 37 and 1 day she was perfectly normal. Although I will say depending on your age, I was 44, that might affect the healing process, so make sure that you are drinking lots of water and taking plenty of protein because that helps with healing.

My doctor wants to do my c section a week before my due I just had an emergency c section a year ago so I’m excited about this one being scheduled

Defiantly normal was supposed to be induced & had to be medically induced sooner than week & half due to complications and for both of our health & safety. If we would have scheduled two weeks it would have been safer for us. But we powered through a tough labor & we are both very healthy now. C-section or not it’s completely normal.

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