It was my baby's second day at daycare. He is 11 months old. Yesterday he cried all the time ( for 1.5 hours)and today he cried all the time (for 2 hours) at daycare. I am not sure if he will adapt. How is the transition going for you?
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My first was tough. He cried all the time when I dropped him off but he would stop when I left. Are you still around when you are trying out your baby at daycare?

I don't stay there. It's just him and Other kids with the provider

That's a really long time to cry. If it were me, I would switch daycare providers. Mamas boys are hard to deal with but he should settle and honestly, I wouldn't be happy if my kid cried for hours. I have heard of some kids just being tough about it though.

It's really sad that he doesn't stop crying. Today is his 3rd day, let us see if anything changes. Fingers crossed

Did it change or improve? My LO will be starting daycare later this month.

Our little one cried a lot during the first week. It broke my heart. Now it’s been a month and she absolutely loves it. They adapt, but need a bit of time it’s a big change for everyone. Hang in there I know how hard it is to know they are sad. Hopefully it gets better for you too

@Stephanie thank you for your suggestion. We tried for a week at a previous daycare and nothing changed as he always came back upset, exhausted from crying. We changed the daycare provider and he settled there on the very first day. Omg it's such a relief. He is doing so much better at a new place. I know he will take some time at a new place to be really happy but at least he is somewhat settled that i am at peace

@Sandra we changed the daycare provider and i regret not changing it sooner. I made him cry for a week

@Gabrielle all the very best. We earlier had it through the agency but my LO didn't adjust there. Now, we have private daycare and he is doing much better there. I know it's expensive but i am happy that my baby is settling.

@Rupinder oh I am so glad you changed and he's doing better. I've just heard so many horror stories about daycares and dayhomes, I always trusted my sons instincts. We have an amazing dayhome and she's worth every penny knowing my son is happy and safe.

@Stephanie true! 😁

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