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Any advice on how I can keep fresh milk warm throughout the night so I can feed my one year old in the morning so I don’t have to go all the way downstairs to make milk for her?
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Not keeping it warm all night but I have a mini fridge in our room to put my milk in for night bottles and bring my warmer up stairs to make night feedings faster and so I don’t have to go downstairs

Pre make, store in a mini fridge upstairs and get a second bottle warmer x

Have a kettle upstairs and keep formula / water / mini fridge for breast milk upstairs

We put boiling water in a chillies bottle and it stays hot all night, we have a rapid cool and use the hot shot method if needed. We take bottles, formula measured out and bottles all upstairs & make when she needs it, ready in less that 5 minutes x

Hey sorry guys I meant cows milk ** xx

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