Most beloved Eid traditions and memories

Assalamu Alaykum sisters, can you share your most beloved traditions and memories from your childhood for Eid. I am from non Muslim family and it’s our first Eid with the baby, I know he won’t remember much from it yet but I want to start creating some family traditions.
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Wa alaykum salam! Someone had told me they do new pjs the night before Eid

Walaikum salaam sis! It's a beautiful memory for you and your husband regardless if your baby doesn't, and you could capture the moment to show your baby when they are older Insha'Allah. We also have Eid pj's to wear the night before lol bought last year but not worn yet and I've just added a same colour one for my newborn. We normally have a simple Eid breakfast made of vermicelli and milk mainly called shemai in Bengali. Hubby goes to morning Eid prayer and will be taking my boys when they're older Insha'Allah and then I can also go to the women's section. I normally put up a little Ramadan and Eid decor ie. Banner, balloons, lamp, table set up etc. We sometimes prepare an early lunch for my in laws or go to theirs. We dress up and then head to my mums to see all my family and take homemade bakes and snacks, and gifts to both sides. We always take pics to remember the day. I'm not one for posting on social media but like to keep them on my phone for memories and share with my immediate family only

We've also been to Eid in the park events in the past during Eid ul Adha where its celebrated upto 3 days, and on the second day gone on rides with our toddler, prayed outside with imam leading and eaten from the stalls etc.

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