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My little one is 4 months but my milk supply is low. I pump maybe 3 oz including both sides. Any advice on how to increase the milk supply. I fed 2-3 hours, I do drink lots of water. Maybe I am not eating enough food ?
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I noticed when I eat a lot my supply increases. I usually find eating 30/60 minutes beforehand helps

This has help me a lot!

If you don’t directly bf try that

Crumbl cookies. Trust. I buy 4 which usually last me a few days -i don't know why but I swear they help my supply!😅 I notice a dip when I don't have them.

No advice. Just want to say- I am on same boat.

Body armor drinks! They SAVED me!!

@Elizabeth same here 🙃

I try oatmeal but can’t get past the texture of it so I fail everytime. I make oatmeal cookies or no bake lactation cookies, body armors, coconut oil

Milky mama was recommended to me in this app. Everything is fenugreek free as that causes gas. Their emergency brownies are delicious but the lady leche tincture helped the best

To be fairly honest, a lot of these breasmilk supplements are just $$ makers. The more you pump and empty the more you will supply. The only thing literally that will increase your breastmilk supply is to see your OB or primary care doctor to get prescribed reglan. It takes a few days well for me it did and I was going from 2-3 Oz all together twice a day to 3-4 Oz from each breast a few times a day in a 24 hour period. Also I noticed when I chug a couple body armors back to back and wait like 15 minutes that seems to help a little too

Oh and oatmeal.

And drinking plenty of water


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