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I have been SUPER sick the last 48 hours, puking non-stop and then extreme lethargy. It hit me in the middle of the night so I ended up not pumping or breastfeeding all day yesterday (from 10pm Monday night until 6pm Tuesday night) and I was so dehydrated that I didn’t even leak. My hubby used all of the milk in the fridge and today I have been pumping just enough for her feeds, I have about 70oz in the freezer but now I’m freaking out because I go back to work tmr and won’t have any fresh milk to leave her and I don’t want to blow through my freezer stash because if I can’t get my supply up and I end up having to buy formula, then I want to be able to supplement with breast milk as long as I can, she is currently 14 weeks. I’m thinking of buying a can of kendamil and supplementing until I can get my supply back up. Does anyone have any experience with kendamil? which one should I buy? Will it mess with her tummy or mess up her poop regularity? She poops almost everyday sometimes twice a day. I just don’t want the switch to formula and make her uncomfortable :( here’s a picture of my little angel ✨
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I haven't heard of Kendamil. Similac is good get one that's like a gentle on her stomach. I used Enfamil gentlease and it worked for my daughter for a bit (we found out she's lactose intolerant). Also parents choice is good they also have a gentle formula as well.

I supplement with similac 360 which is what they had at the hospital so that’s why I picked that one. I’ve heard good things about enfamil too. Not sure about kendamil. I don’t think formula will mess up her tummy. Her poops may be a little thicker and stinkier from the formula but if she’s still drinking breastmilk it probably won’t affect her too much.

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