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My LO has learned to roll on her side in her sleeping bag. We turn her back but before the door is closed again she's back on her side. She can roll back to front and has rolled front to back a few times but I wouldn't say I'm confident about it. She's not rolling to her front in the night (yet) and has rolled back to back a few times but it seems everytime she goes to sleep now she ends up on her side. Is anyone else experiencing this? It says online to keep putting them back until they can roll both ways but doesn't seem to matter how many times we do, she rolls straight back to her side
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You could put a pillow next to her and see if she still can roll. A pillow always prevents my baby from rolling

We had this issue until 2 nights ago now he fully rolls to his tummy, sadly no advice just to say you're not alone and tired 😴

@Hannah Fairweather same here, absolutely terrifying! He will only go into a deep sleep on his front with his face to the side, but I am terrified he's going to move his face in the night. I moved him multiple times last night and he was back on his front by the time I got back into bed!! He hates being on his tummy during the day, so it's really frustrating that he loves it so much at night! 😂

My baby has aaaalways slept on his side ! Ever since he was a few days old. He’s never ever slept on his back and he’s always been absolutely fine :) I think make sure there’s nothing in front of his face!

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