My son’s pediatrician said I can book an appointment with the dentist already. For a cleaning lol . Has anyone else been told this ?
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My pediatrician said she definitely recommends getting her in before 3 years of age. But usually around 1 is a good idea. I think so they can just check to make sure everything looks like it’s coming in well. My daughter has 8 teeth so I plan to take her soon

@Brittany yes my son has 8 teeth as well. I guess I’ll take him in 😊

My baby has 6 teeth, we took her to the dentist a month after the teeth came out (she was 10 months) just to be sure everything was looking good. I think it's a good idea.

Yes we went at 6 months and now we’ll be going for her 1 year😊

My son had his first dental appointment at 9 months when his two bottom teeth fully came in. It is recommended to have first dental appointment when first tooth erupted. His gums and teeth were examined.

I wanted to go when teeth first started popping up, because that’s what an adult dentist told me but I waited till More came and now in the process of booking an appointment

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