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Its 39 weeks + 5days My due date is 6th april 😓 But i dont have any symptoms..😨 Should i call hospital tmr or on due date? Omg, I can't wait to see my baby Its my first baby and im foreigner .. so i dont know what to do here :( Thank you Have a nice day!!!!!
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due date is an estimate - if you feel anything different call your hospital or midwife. if you're worried, call hospital or midwife x

and you should have an appt around 40 weeks with midwife regardless to check up and determine next steps :)

You should be having weekly appointments with your midwife/doctor at this stage, are you? If so, don't stress about the due date, they'll guide you on any exercises or things you can be doing to bring on labour and being it's your first you could go up to 42 weeks before you have bub x

I had no signs at all and went at 38 weeks with my second! (40 weeks with my first) and was in denial I was in labour as I had nothing leading up and it come on fast hahaha. I mean I ate spicy food and did the deed that day and then by 5pm I was in labour 🤣

The day I went into labor I had no symptoms. Contractions just randomly started at 6pm. I had no clues at 5.45pm. Just wait. A due date is also just an estimate. If you have reduced movements or don’t feel okay, call your hospital. Otherwise just give it a few days.

Any symptoms of what? Have you got a regular midwife? You should be seeing them weekly and have an on call number for them.

@Yas thanks alot !!!

Thank you guys for many advices😭😭 it made me feel much better hahaha I have a regular mid wife, so ill call her tmr.

My Baby came at 41 weeks. First labor symptoms at 40+6... hang on mama. It's the very last stretch

I'm currently 40wk and 4 days over, and I didn't have any symptoms of labour until yesterday after they did a sweep. As long as your baby is moving when it's meant to, everything is okay. Trust your instincts, and if you believe something wrong, call your midwife. They're always happy to take your call, and they'll guide you. If you've got an exercise ball, there are exercises you can do to assist your baby in getting in position and readying your cervix. Just remember you're on your baby's time at the moment. The baby will come when they're ready 😊

I was 39+4 when I woke up and my waters broke, went into immediate labour and delivered 12 hours later. We went looking at display homes the previous day so walking around and going up and down some stairs 😂 but I had no braxton hicks or any other signs of labour up until that morning. As mentioned, baby will come when they're ready!

Don't stress. I had no symptoms until I went into labour. We went out for Teppanyaki. I laughed so much! 😄 My water broke on the way home... If you are concerned, call the hospital.

I had no symptoms at all. My waters broke randomly at 41 and a half weeks. If you can still feel babys movements it's all good. As people have said, you should have an appointment at 40 weeks to make sure everything is still good and talk about plans for birth. Don't stress :)

You could go up to 2 weeks past your due date if your midwife isnt concerned then just try to relax

I had no systems and then just started getting contractions at 40 weeks exactly

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