Hi moms!!

How are y’all doing it? I have a new born, with no help whatsoever. Family lives far distance.. just myself, I get so scared when it comes to night time due to me being so sleepy. Where do y’all sleep new born?
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I was like that as well. I'm new to this app and I got twins boy and girl. Trust me I was the exact same way but I ended up making it work. I had to just pay attention to their sleep pattern is all and just keep track so you know when to sleep love. I promise it really works! YOU GOT THIS MAMAS🥰❤️💪🏾💪🏾

@ShaNeisha Thanku ❤️❤️❤️ u did it alone with twins?

I would not mind helping

@Janie Only until 5months then my sister came down to help... But at first yeah it was very overwhelming due to the lack of sleep but friends from another Mom app keep telling me to learn the sleeping schedule

Honesty I stayed up on the couch until midnight bc mine would wake if I thought about moving lol! After midnight she was out hard then I’d move her to her bassinet and sleep until 4 then we would co sleep until 8/9. That was what I considered a good night. A lot of nights we just slept together on the bed. (I was completely alone) until about three months then things started getting better with her sleeping in her crib. (She hated the bassinet)

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