Tires for car

This is a silly question but do I have to stick with the brand of tires that I have or can I go for a cheaper brand? I have Altimax All Weather and found some decently priced tires at Walmart under $200 with labor included. Does it even matter what tires are on the car besides all weather or snow tires??
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We never know until we try🤨😭🤣🤣🤣

No you can use different brands

as long as they are the same size you should be good

You can put different brand tires just make sure they are the same size as the ones that are already on the car

I wouldn’t go cheap cheap but a mid range tyre but no you can use any tires

Just make sure they are all the same and the same size as your alloys take

You can definitely use different tires. Like everyone said just make sure they’re the same size. Also, if you’re going with Walmart’s tires, make sure you do thorough research and not just looking at the price. I’ve had a few family/friends who had to replace theirs after less than a year b/c they didn’t last. I’ve bought used tires that have lasted me longer and cost less.

The tires really depends on the roads and weather conditions of your location

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