Is it just me or is anyone else suffering with the fact that u don’t feel connected to the world your partner or your baby half the time… my baby boy is two weeks old and I feel like it just gets worse mentally I have had depression since I was 13 I’m now 21 and having a kid it’s made it tuff fs and idk what things to do that will help me feel like I’m doing good as a mother and gf let alone just doing good with myself… I’m struggling barely sleeping and no it’s not bc of the baby he sleeps a lot other than when he wakes up to be fed maybe I’m tired bc I’m breastfeeding idk… anyone give me any ideas to feel connected to my reality again? It would really help a girl out. <3
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@Emalie don’t feel bad. My son is almost 4 weeks old and I feel the same. Unfortunately my son is at Children’s because he was a premie. I struggle daily with my partner and feeling guilty not being able to be with my son daily. I have also struggled with depression since I was in middle school. Having a kid has also made it tough for me. I love my son more than anything. I’m heading to the doctor tomorrow to try and get some ideas from her to get my head straight.

Yes. It'll go away in time and you can always mention it to your doctor and they may be able to help with that. There's been a lot of changes to your body and your life so quickly that there's going to be a disconnect for a little while. It helps me to talk to my fiance or my mom or my neighbor. It helps me to sleep when the baby sleeps. And it helps me to get out of the house. ❤️

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