subchorionic hematoma or hemorrhage

So today I noticed period like bleeding I thought I was miscarrying so I rushed to the hospital and found out what I had was a moderate subchorionic hemorrhage which was causing the bleeding and the doctor said it’s good news it was not a miscarriage and there was a heartbeat but bad news it wasn’t a small one it was relatively large but not huge worst case scenario has anyone else experienced this ??
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Yes, as a L&D nurse, I've seen them become more common. I had one myself with my pregnancy and ended up bleeding too, but carried to full term and my child is a healthy 15 month old now! It all depends on the size, but if they are concerned, they will monitor you more often and perform more scans. Usually the blood from the hemorrhage gets re-absorbed and most women can carry to full term without further complications from the hemorrhage.

I had one. Doctor put me on pelvic rest for like 6 weeks and then it resolved itself. My baby is 15 months now!

Yes, I had a mild one and had spotting once! Baby was fine!

Thank you all for responding 💕❤️

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