In the MOOD all the time!!!

Anyone else just horny ALL the time?? My poor husband is probably like dang woman leave me alone!! But I’m literally just in the mood all day every day lol I’m 34 weeks tomorrow!
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I love that for you! When I posted about this, nobody said anything so I was like OK I’m deleting my post😂❤️ it’s definitely died down a lot and I know that my man really wants my attention but I’m just not as horny as I was a couple weeks ago..lmao

Hahah thank you! I probably would’ve commented if I saw your post 😆 I’m pretty sure my husband is like RELAX at this point 🤣

Nooo he probably lovessss it

Hahaha love that for you. I have zero desire to be touched 😂😂😂

@Jess it probably helps that my pregnancy symptoms are super mild and my belly isn’t super huge even at this stage because I’m so tall and this is my first baby. So I don’t feel uncomfortable 24/7!

Same!!! I just accepted the fact I am lazy when it comes to sex 😂😂😂😂

I am too!!! But my husband is a Helldiver, so I barely get any time with him at night, lol. After he puts the kids to bed, he's helping save Super Earth. Then he'll complain, "I can't sleep," or " It takes me an additional 2 hours to fall asleep." I'm like, hell, I know what will make you fall asleep, wake me up, let's have some fun!!

33 weeks, 2 days & SAME.

lol I have the opposite problem. I’m like, um, no thank you. So enjoy it!

@Jess 🤣🤣

@Francine omg I am DYING 😂 my husband is a helldiver Friday-Sunday, so my “alone time” with him is a nap mid day or at night other days 🤣🤣

@Jess same! My pregnancy has been extremely easy, but I don't want anything to do with sex or being intimate. I used to want it all the time before getting pregnant, but now I don't want to be touched.

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