For those that are a stay at home mom and a work from home. How do you do it?
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WFHM...I send my son to daycare. I can't do my job and mommy at the same time. I feel like it's not fair to him to get the mommy mode and attention he's used to.. On the days that I have to do both such as when school is closed, I'm so exhausted by the end of the day so I know I can't do it repeatedly.

My partner now wants me to work to help him with expenses which I don’t mind at all but to also watch a 7 month old I don’t know how I could do both

It can be overwhelming for sure. A co-worker of mine has done it since her little girl was born. She's 2 now. I always tell her I don't know how she manages. But on some days a can tell she's more on mommy mode than work. I just rather not risk underperforming in both areas

I wfh and have a 7 month old it’s very challenging but I have no other choice lol so I make it work

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