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I have a 2 year old and 8 week old, my 2 year old is absolutely awful, he's biting and hitting and throwing toys at brother and me. He bit my 8 week old. Screaming to the top of his lungs when I get onto him. I can whoop him and he will turn around and do it again. He's so bad I had to get medicated just to deal with him and my newborn ☹️ I feel so bad for saying that but he's so bad. I thought terrible 2s but idk any 2 year old thisss bad. 🫠 Has anyone tried behavioral therapy and it helped?
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It’s really hard but when kids act out like that they need our love and support. His whole world changed when the baby came along, it’ll be an adjustment. Also, 2 year olds are crazy! Does he have lots of active play? Try and give him attention without the baby, get him running and playing outside to burn energy, praise him lots and tell him you love him. Maybe find a way to physically keep the baby safe e.g. with a baby gate. big little feelings on Instagram have some great practical ideas.

We’re also going through it with our 2 year old. He’s hitting, pushing, and yelling. Daycares been on our case about it but I think that’s where he gets it from in his defense. He does try to bully on his older brother too though. We put him in speech therapy because we think he may be frustrated trying to express himself and his emotions, but doesn’t know how to. Maybe you can see if your county has an early intervention program you can apply to, it’s usually free. Idk about behavioral therapy though, I’m wondering about that too. Ugh idk but hoping it gets better!

The other thing in addition to giving them special one on one time and setting them up with activities is involving them in the care of the baby. Have them help you with diaper changes, choosing baby’s clothes, reading stories to baby, etc.(look for big brother books 🥰). My mom got my sister her own baby doll when I was born so she could take care of her baby while mom was taking care of me. Final thing, talk with him often, letting him know you understand he might feel you don’t love him as much, explaining that you still do, and that he’s super important in the family.

I have a 2 year old girl and a 7 week old boy. She hasn’t bitten him, just SUPER HANDSY. She just wants to be included I try to make her responsible for a task while caring for him.

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