Socks at night?

Is it okay to put socks on my baby at night? My baby keeps waking up with cold feet and starts to get fussy about halfway through her sleep cycle.
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I had the same issue and started putting socks on my son’s feet the week we were discharged from the hospital. He sleeps so much better with socks on. He generally likes being warm and snug.

@Denise okay, I just didn't want to cause issues with circulation or anything like that. She also sleeps so much better with socks on

Put socks on just make sure they are too small for her , my baby is now 6 months she is almost always wearing socks

My baby take them off lol you can also use a sleep sack or a onesie with footie socks, if that helps

I I’ve always put socks on my little one he has the same issue cold feet and hands he’s always been fine and no issues with the socks

Get a pair of Squidsocks!!!! They WILL NOT COME OFF!!! I swear by this brand, my LO is almost 4 months and almost always has socks on. You can also get footed zipper pajamas, or a sleep sack! I usually put socks on under the sleep sack too!! Any mama that uses socks NEEDS SquidSocks! I am not affiliated with this brand at all, they have just been a life saver for us!!! No more lost random baby socks!! Hope you can warm up those tootsies!

@Blaze I started putting her in nightgowns for easy diaper changes and when she would wake up her feet would be so cold even when she was wearing a sleep sack. I started putting socks on her at night and she seems to be doing better. I'll look into squidsocks, I've never heard of them

Yeah. That’s why I put the socks on under the sleep sack! I get some footed Pis that have a 2 way zipper so you only have to zip up from the bottom! Or get buttoned ones! But yeah look into squid socks. They are literally incredible and have been a life saver! I have even used them on her hands cause her hands get soo cold and they don’t come off their either!!!! lol hope it works!

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