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My baby is 11 months old and still isn’t walking he crawls all day but, am I doing something wrong? Are there any activities I can do with him to try and motivate this?
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My baby isn’t walking either & he’ll be 1 next week. He can pull himself up and walk with assistance but he has no desire to walk on his own. A lot of babies don’t walk until a little after their bday 😊

No sweetie my daughters pediatrician told me that normally 15 months they start walking

My girl will be 1 in 23 days

No! My first born (2yrs now) started walking on his first bday. My now almost 10 month old, doesn’t even want to crawl. He’ll stand up, scoot around on his belly. Get into the crawling position, but doesn’t crawl. All babies are different & move at their own pace

@Lucia our babies were born the same day

@Lucia my son will also be 1 on 27

It will work out! I was soooo nervous for so long, especially cause there wasn’t much rolling, and at 10 months my baby started crawling. Now we’re on the walking track, but not solo yet. For activities, it was mostly just using one of those toy walker things with the wheels, and helping her stand and hold on to edges. What also helped was watching videos from this Pediatric physical therapist on IG. I forget her name, but let me know if you want it, because she gives good tips and activities.

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