hair loss and sensitive scalp?

i am 11 months postpartum and my hair loss has not subsided(my hair is so thin) and my scalp hurts so bad. has anyone experienced this? i’m going to make an appointment tomorrow but i just wanted to know if anyone else experienced this.
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I still have hair loss and my baby just turned 1! I never had scalp pain though, my hair is still falling out so bad that I’m really thinking about just cutting it short the hair loss is driving me crazy I would try taking hair loss supplements for postpartum and definitely go see your doctor about your scalp pain they will for sure k low what steps to take for that hope that helps and keep me posted god bless and best of luck to you

*for sure know

Oh I’m in the same boat with hair loss. I also have thin hair but I have a ton of it. I’ve not had pain but I’ve had an itchy scalp

The scalp pain is from the sebum trying to regulate! It's common postpartum. The baby blues postpartum hair vitamins are amazing. I would start them asap.

These are the ones! Or Amazon has too

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