Pls pls pls someone give me some tips on breast feeding and pumping things that maybe worked best for u or someone u know any thing helps.
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Hydration is key. Stay hydrated. Coconut water helps Super foods: oats, avocados and chick peas Don’t stress!!!! I always pumped after a feeding or between feedings

i used a hand pump after trying out an electric the medella hand pump cleared me out, i loved it but sadly i had to stop my pumping journey 2 months pp

I'm just starting my journey again with my second after a 2 year journey with my first one and I swore by oats and lactation cookies from Walmart when I was trying to build a stash up. Try to keep a schedule of when your pumping or feeding as the build up of milk hurts so much 😭

I use body armor with a tbsp of coconut oil which has helped my supply it helps me stay hydrated and electrolytes are good too. Also being consistent cause that helps to increase your supply make up a pumping schedule that works best for you I currently feed every 2-3 hours so I pump inbetween those and I’ve seen an increase. Also power and cluster pumping I worked those into my pumping schedule aswell and it’s helped me increase a lot cause I suffered from a decrease in my supply after I got sick 3 weeks pp so these things helped me a lot

Water Brewers yeast powder Mothers milk tea High protein Put your nipple on the babies nose to cause them to open up their mouth and get a deeper latch If your milk comes in slow, don’t panic. Combo feed with formula and Breastmilk. Keep putting baby on boob to feed. If baby is still fussy, do formula and pump so you’re still encouraging milk production Formula goes bad within 1 hour of being made Milk goes bad within 3 at 77 degrees or lower. 4 days within the fridge, and up to 12 months in the freezer

I found I couldn’t pump at all I tried a few different pumps and nothing worked but was able to feed directly from the breast with no issues.

@Marijka formula is good in the fridge for 24 hours. If it's been started within the hour.

Others have covered the main ones but research different holds and positioning for breastfeeding. Everyone has different methods of breastfeeding but getting the most comfortable position for both of us was what we really needed.

My baby was dysmature which meant I had to stay in hospital until my supply was established. Nurses helped us latch every 3 hours, after which I had to pump every time. It was exhausting but it made my milk come in super quickly and kept supply high. From my experience consistency with pumping is key. If you’re emptying your boobs it tells your body to make more milk. Oxytocin triggers letdown. This is also the hormone you make when you’re happy, hug someone or look at your baby. Cuddling or touching them when pumping can help. Prolactin stimulates milk production and is highest at night. If you want to build a freezer stash but don’t want to pump around the clock, you can do it in the morning when supply will be the highest. If your latch hurts, you can release baby by putting your pinky between their gums. For the best deep latch, hold your baby’s head with one hand, hold boob flat with the other and shove in his mouth like a burger (nurse’s words 😂) You’ve got this mama!

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