What cups is everyone using for their little ones milk? I have my daughter on cows milk now and don't want to use bottles anymore. She currently uses the munchkin 360 cup for her water/juice but is there any other one I can give for her cows milk? X
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We use just a plain open cup from Tupperware for cows milk, anything that’s easy to clean and put in the dishwasher. If baby is particularly tired I help to make sure they don’t dump it all over their face, or put it in a cup with a straw that they need less concentration and coordination to do :) If you daughter uses the 360 well, can you use that for cows milk too?

Thank you @Ellen and I was thinking too but I've seen sippy cups being used but not sure as straws were recommended also, then open cups and now I don't know which is best x Plus my daughter can drink from the 360 really well but will occasionally tilt it upside down or wave it around (luckily it doesn't spill) but I'm not sure I can trust her not to throw it everywhere in an open cup

I have heard from both a speech pathologist and a dentist that either cups with straws like the one you pictured or open cups are best for developing skills :) any type of cup that mimics what you would drink from as an adult is good 👍🏻 I use one like what you’ve picture for milk too- just made sure I replace the straw regularly and get a really good pipe cleaner brush when getting all the milk out after every feed. Those are so good for being out of the house too and minimising spills

Haha it took about a week of baby tipping the open cup and splashing it on his face to learn to take it slooooow and tilt it slowly 😂 the look of shock of milk going up his nose was hilarious. We do open cup drinking practice last thing at dinner before he has a bath. Or even practice in the bath :)

@Ellen I love the idea of practising before or in the bath! Thanks 😊

@Ellen I was gonna say I like that idea too, of practicing in the bath. I always wondered how will it work as she loves throwing the drink around 😅 I ordered one similar with a straw as your right they are really good for development. @Charlotte I literally ordered this one earlier today (in pink) I was hunting down a few options.

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