I exclusively pump and I haven’t had any issues lately. At the moment i have what the internet called a milk bleb?? Kind of like a blister on the nipple. It's so painful and i tolerate pumping because i dont want it to get worse. Anyone have this same problem?
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So you don’t breastfeed? Is it like gorging up

I don’t breastfeed. Just pump. I’m not engorged since I’m still pumping but it’s a little painful.

I had these from breast feeding initially. So sore!! Use nipple balm or silver cups between pumps and double check you're using the right size flange on your pump.

I do get these blebs sometimes and they show when my breast is engorged. Just wait, massage the breast, warm water and slowly it will be resolved 🤗

My health visitor told me to use a hakka with cool boiled water in and Epsom salt to help get rid of milk blebs. There are lots of videos online 😊

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