Does missing a day of breastfeeding reduce milk supply

I’m currently 10 weeks post partum and will be going to an outdoor full day event at a theme park. I’m not very comfortable breastfeeding in public yet and also wanted to take a day off to enjoy the park aswell. My baby feeds approx 2 ounces every 2 hours and I was wondering If I pump milk in the 2 days before hand will skipping feeds for approx 10 hours affect my milk supply? Also what would be the best way to avoid engorgement and pain whilst out and about.
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Also I can try and pump the morning before the event and afterwards but won’t be able to during. would this affect the milk supply in the following days? Baby has been EBF since birth with the occasional bottle of formula and breast milk once or twice when I had some appointments and she struggled with tongue tie.

can you excuse yourself to the bathroom and hand express and dump, don’t want you getting mastics

How much do I need to hand express to avoid mastitis? Usually takes me around 10-15 minutes to get all the milk out either side (~2-4 ounces).

make sure your hands are warm and just try to get as much as you can to keep from getting hard or clogged (sorry i can’t spell)

Can you get a feeding cover? I personally wasnt phased by breastfeeding in public only at massive events id sneak off to a quieter spot

It will effect your supply this early on as well as being very likely to give you mastitis if you went a whole day without feeding or pumping. But above all that you’ll be very engorged if you don’t pump so won’t enjoy yourself anyway as you’d be very uncomfortable. Could you not use a cover to feed, feed somewhere a bit more private/ secluded or pump somewhere more private? Worst case you could hand express to feel more comfortable but that won’t maintain your supply as it’s very unlikely you could hand express full feeds (it would be very time consuming) so while it’ll help with engorgement it won’t help maintain a full supply x

If you don't feed for a whole day you're going to be extremely sore and leaking everywhere and your supply will be affected. You may also get mastitis. I don't understand why you would do this 😅

I completely understand how you feel the anxiety of breastfeeding in public for the 1st/2nd/3rd time, maybe practice a couple of times in a place you feel comfortable I.e in a coffee shop to get used to it. Once you are comfortable and realise no one gives 2 shits that you're feeding your baby, you'll have wish you'd started sooner xxx

Definitely recommend a feeding cover! Literally can’t tell you’re even feeding they’re amazing if you’re not comfortable feeding in public xx

I totally understand how you feel I felt this way with my first. Buy a feeding shawl and practice getting comfortable using it before the event, you don't want to go a full day without feeding you'll be in agony and could risk a blocked milk duct and trust me that really hurts. I'm breastfeeding for the 2nd time and I feel so much more confident this time I just use a wee blanket to cover myself but it takes practice. Don't let breastfeeding put you off going out places it really held me back with my son and I regretted it so much xx

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